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Biogas production from waste into energy

In Egypt most of WWTPs is secondary treatment technology and this technology is suitable for biogas production, the principal feedstock for AD in WWTPs is sewage sludge. In general, it is composed of primary and secondary sludge, also called mixed sludge. Greases from the grease

trap  (usually found at the entrance of the plant) are often also digested. Screenings are not suitable for AD as they contain coarse materials that may be harmful to pumps and stirring systems. In addition, other organic materials such as organic waste from households or from industries may be digested in the anaerobic reactor of the WWTP (depending on national legislation); this is then called co-digestion. Primary sludge, also called raw sludge, is produced by gravitational sedimentation in the primary settler. It has a high content of organic matter and is easily degradable. Under optimum digestion conditions, a methane yield of 315 – 400Nm3/t organic dry matter. So we need 800 Ton/ day with total solid 4% and COD <80ppm and BOD <20ppm .